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porifera.net lab

@ Friedrich-Schiller-Universit├Ąt Jena, Germany


Techniques used in our lab

Due to our integrated research philosophy, we use a variety of techniques to achieve our goals. Techniques include: 

  • Computer controlled digital time-lapse photography and quantitative image anlysis
  • Video-based 4D-recording, 4D-Visualization and quantitative analysis
  • Synchrotron-radiation based x-ray microtomography, 3D-visualzation and quantitative 3D-image-stack analysis
  • Confocal laserscanning microscopy, 4D-microscopy and visualzation
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • DNA- & RNA-techniques, cDNA-library techniques, cloning and sequencing
  • Histology, epiflourescence and light microscop
For virtual 3D reconstruction as the one shown as a part of the montage on top of our webpage we are currently running VGStudioMax 2.0 and VGStudio 1.2 (both Volume Graphics GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany) on 64bit- and 32bit-PC systems. For quantitative Image analysis we mainly use our own plugins for ImageJ (NiH, USA) or Matlab (The Mathworks Inc., USA). 

Time lapse DIC microscopy of moving cells

A short time lapse sequence taken of fusiform cells moving through a body extension of Tethya wilhelma (living tissue preparation on a DIC microscope)



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