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porifera.net lab

@ Friedrich-Schiller-Universit├Ąt Jena, Germany


SpongeTet-180Here is a selection of some of our videos. Please feel free to use them for teaching purpose.

Please note:

Copyright for all videos by porifera.net lab, Michael Nickel & Co-authors.

Movement of Tethya wilhelma on coral rock

And they move indeed ... This moving pair of our pet Tethya wilhelma was part of the 2006 publication Nickel (2006) Journal of Experimental Biology 209, 2839-2846 doi: 10.1242/jeb.02337

Copyright by M. Nickel; no unauthorised copying, distribution or broadcasting. Feel free to use it for teaching purpose.

 SpongeTube - the porifera.net video gallery ...

Sponge movie of the month - March 2009

Our candidate Kathrin Kirste was doing some research on available multimedia files which could be useful for a module of lessons on sponges for German school teachers. Of course, she did not only find scientific stuff. Here is an amazing video, which provides some really new insights into poriferan reproduction Wink. See the movie below Surprised...

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